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Laguna flip flops that are ultra light and designed with the shape of your feet in mind

L1 | Laguna flip flop

Laguna Series: L1 |  Sleek, Supportive, SuperLight.

  • L1 - Comfort footbed, mild heel cup & arch support.
  • Snug fit with forefoot support and met raise.
  • Wear indoor or outdoors, feels so good.!
  • Water proof. Easy to clean. 
  • Pet Alert : Beware your dog will love them too.

Care Instructions:  Throw them in the washing machine, or dish washer. They like a hot bath..and will come out looking shinny and new.

L1 | slimmer fitting lower profile flopeds flip flop - " designed to create change that lasts a lifetime."

If you have narrow feet, and prefer a sleek, slim fitting flip flop the L1 | Laguna is the right choice for you.

Available sizes : All Ages / Junior / Women / Men :  EU 30 - EU 45

Available colors : Black | White | Lime | Sunflower | Tangerine | Choco | Teal | Cherry | Chilly | Water melon | Tan | Olive | Purple | Pink | Dark Blue | Navy


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