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FLOPEDS Sizing :

FLOPEDS Laguna - are available in European sizing, ie 36, 37, 38, if you have used this model before check the underside of your flip flop before you place your order online. The Laguna is unisex and runs from a kids 30, all the way to a size 45 adult. If you are not sure about your size follow the instruction shown below.

TAF3 Sizing - The TAF3 is in full sizing and in UK sizes, starting from a 4 through to a size 13. They do need to fit snug and may feel small when you first put them on, but will stretch out about 1/2 a size with regular use - in about 2 weeks time.

If you are a US size, this will typically be one size bigger than a US, so for eg. if you are a US size 7, you need to order a size 6. Should you have any doubts send us a message and we will get back to you.

The fit of all the FLOPEDS flip flops is extremely important for them to function well. 

All footwear brands have their own sizing systems, and the fit can vary from one brand to the other. The best way to check the fit of a product is to try it on. In the event that this is not possible, please follow the guide below to get an idea of the best way to check your foot against the corresponding size chart below. In the event of doubt it is always better to size up.

• Place foot against the wall or a flat surface.
• Mark the longest point of the "longest" toe, of both feet on a sheet of paper.
• Draw a straight line and measure across to get the length in centimeters.
• Compare against the size chart for the specific product.



Download and print the Laguna Size Chart

Download and print the TAF3 Size chart