TAF Collection

The FLOPEDS TAF3 is the second generation flip flop with additional support and control, this supports the foot better while also distributing body weight to avoid problems like over pronation. This it turn results in correct posture and improved ove... »

Laguna Collection

FLOPEDS The anti flat flip flop, have an ergonomically designed foot bed that supports the contours of your feet from heel to toe. FLOPEDS provide support and control in all the right places like the foot arch, the heel cup, and around the toes ... »

Princess Collection

FLOPEDS Princess collection has the DNA of the anti flat flip flop while incorporating fashionable rhinestones onto the strap of the flip flop. They are available in a wide range of color options.Making use of advanced technology used in the manufact... »

Laguna Collection

FLOPEDS- Laguna flip flops for kids, is a great way of introducing the concept of prevention with the use of the anatomical open toe sandals. Avoid letting kids run around barefoot or wearing footwear that is flat or non-supportive. Trainers are the ... »

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Many problems related to foot conditions are mainly due to improper fitting or poorly designed footw... »
Knee Pain
“A sharp pain in the knee and a crunching sensation, especially when getting up or walking up ... »
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Heel Pain
Heel pain relief  is essential to anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or ... »
Healthy flip flop are designed to keep our feet in their natural position. Generally a flip flop is ... »
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