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The L1 (Laguna,) is the slimmer of the two models, with a flat outsole and looks closer like a traditional flip flop. While this collection does offer a good deal of arch support, you may want to consider the T3.


Laguna flip flop

The T3 (TAF3 ) is more rugged in its construction, with a broader strap, and a deeper heel cup and contoured outsole, it also has better arch support and is an ideal option for conditions like flat feet.


TAF3 flip flop

The “NEW” FLOPEDS | T5 | SLIDE - is a “slip on” that has all the benefits of our popular and successful T3 | TAF3 - plus the double forefoot adjustable strap for a perfect fit. The deep heel cup, provides premium stability and supports and controls the heel. The arch support is higher and yet designed to help re-align your foot, as well as help people who suffer from flat feet or those who are currently using insoles or orthotics. The contoured outsole provides for all day standing and walking - its a great new product from the team that developed the anti flat flip flop.


  • Deep heel cup for rear foot support
  • Anatomical Footbed
  • High Arch Support
  • Long lasting non-slip outsole
  • Twin Adjustable front straps