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Frequently Asked Questions :

If you are a new customer to flopeds, do spend a few minutes reading through this section. This should help you better understand the way flopeds products need to fit your feet.

What is the difference between the Laguna ( L1 ) and the TAF3 ( T3 ) models ?
The basic difference between the Laguna and the TAF3 is how they would fit. If you have narrower feet we would recommend the Laguna. If you have broad feet, the TAF3 would be the better option. Both offer arch support and help with excess pronation, The TAF3 does feel like the arch support is higher.

There are some models with "pretty stones" on the strap - how do I determine my size in these models. ?
There are basically two collections at the moment. The Laguna Series, which consists of the L1 ( Laguna ), P1 ( Princess ) and J1 ( Kids ). The TAF3 Series, has the basic  ( TAF3 ) T3 and the S3 ( Solitaire ). These are listed on the menu separately.

How much will it cost to ship to my “ country “ ?
Shipping is calculated at the time of checkout ..so after you have decided what you would like to order, and proceed to pay for the products.."cost of shipping will be displayed" but is subject to additional charges if deemed outside of delivery area by FedEx. Note : Orders over $150.00 or equivalent ship free world wide.

I have used FLOPEDS before but not sure which model I purchased ?
The easiest way to tell which model you own is to look at the strap, the Laguna is a narrow strap and the TAF3 is slightly broader. Also the sizing on the Laguna is in European sizes ie: 36,37,..42,43 and the TAF3 is in US sizes 5,6,..9,10. So if you look on the underside you should be able to see what size your flopeds are.

My new FLOPEDS are smaller than the ones I have been using, although ( they are the same size ) why ?
FLOPEDS will stretch quite a bit with use, so even if the pair you have are less than a year old, they would have stretched out at least 1/2 a size..make sure you follow our size chart when ordering, and continue with the same size as before if you are an adult..your feet are unlikely to grow. Your new FLOPEDS will feel snug for a few days, but will stretch to accomodate your feet in a few days.

I am a size 7.5 ( 7 1/2 ) , What size should I buy ?
Because of the material used, and the way that they are constructed, ( should fit snug ) we would recommend you buy the smaller size, as the flip flop will stretch out after a couple of weeks regular use. If you purchase a larger size it could stretch to a point where the foot will be too far forward.

How long do FLOPEDS flip flops last ?
This is a really tricky one to answer, it would all depend on how much they are used, as a general rule, with everyday use they will last well over a year. After this time if they have been used regularly the support in the rear foot will begin to crush. If you notice 3 or more crush lines around the side, ( where the strap joins the outsole ) it's time for a new pair.

Is it alright for me to wear my FLOPEDS all the time ?
It is perfectly safe to wear your flopeds all the time. Infact, many of our customers use them as their everyday footwear, they are soft and comfortable and yet supportive for your feet.

How can I clean my FLOPEDS flip flops ?
A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that is required to bring back the sparkle to your FLOPEDS. If they are really grimy, you could use an old tooth brush and some soapy water to brush away the dirt, and then a quick rinse under the tap. We have heard stories of FLOPEDS going for a tumble in the washing machine as well.

How many days will it take for my order to reach me ?
All orders are shipped by courier. In most cases your order will reach you within 7 working days, as all orders are fulfilled from our distribution HQ in Dubai. If there are public holidays there will be delays. If you have any queries contact info(at)flopeds.com

We are working on this FAQ Page and will continue to add topics.

If you have a question, please send us a message info(at)flopeds dot com and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer : Although our products are wear tested for stress, they are designed for regular walking. Please avoid using FLOPEDS flip flops to run around or play - a trainer or athletic shoe, or even sandals with a back strap would be most suited to such activity.