FLOPEDS Zion | Black/ Green Sunglasses
FLOPEDS Zion | Black/ Green Sunglasses

FLOPEDS Zion | Black/ Green Sunglasses

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Advanced Frame Technology

Manufactured using a range of superior materials, our sunglasses ensures a perfect solution for a variety of lifestyles, with maximum comfort, performance, and safety.

Features and benefits

  • Available in Grey, Brown, and Green Lens tints
  • A flexible polycarbonate frame ensures excellent strength and durability.
  • Superior coverage to protect eyes from all angles
  • One-piece lens design, without metal hinges for better recycling.

Hingeless Eyeglasses

The latest innovation in Eyewear Design Technology is a frame design without metal hinges or ‘hingeless’ Sunglasses. Eliminating the tiny, interworking parts of a hinge, ZION features a curved frame sculpted to fit the shape of the head. This hinge ‘type,’ or lack of hinge, is perfect for the active wearer who participates in sports, labor-intensive work, or other rigorous activities.


Recyclers do not have to separate the different materials into their category before recycling them. This takes up a lot of productive time and human resources in the recycling stations, which the station doesn’t have to spare.