FLOPEDS TAF3 Midnite Black - flopeds
FLOPEDS TAF3 Midnite Black - flopeds
FLOPEDS TAF3 Midnite Black - flopeds

FLOPEDS | T3 | TAF3 Midnite Black flip flop

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The FLOPEDS "TAF3" is a new generation of flip flop, after our success with the "Laguna Series", we believed it was time to do some R & D, and  develop a product that would offer a little more support and control, than that provided by the Laguna.

 The "TAF3" is also a lot more sturdier build, and looks great on any foot type. If you are using an orthotic or insole, you have got to try the FLOPEDS - TAF3, although no flip flop can come close to a custom built orthotic, we believe this is the next best solution.

 3 Series: T3  |  Next Generation, Supportive, SuperLight.

  • T3 - Comfort footbed, deep heel cup &  high arch support.
  • Snug fit with forefoot support and met raise.
  • Wear indoor or outdoors, feels so good.!
  • Water proof. Easy to clean. 
  • Pet Alert : Beware your dog will love them too.

Care Instructions:  Throw them in the washing machine, or dish washer. They like a hot bath..and will come out looking shinny and new.

T3 | Sturdier fitting anotomic profile flopeds flip flop - "designed to create change that lasts a lifetime."

If you have wider feet, and prefer a sturdier supportive fitting flip flop the T3 | TAF3 is the right choice for you.

Available sizes: Unisex / Women / Men:  size 4 to size 13 ( nearest to UK sizes )

Available colors : Black | White | Lime | Sunflower | Tangerine | Choco | Teal | Cherry | Chilly | Water melon | Tan | Olive | Purple | Pink | Royal Blue | Navy Blue | Silver Grey

Customer Reviews

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June Y.
Very comfortable flip flops no

Love my flopeds they are my summer shoes for everything, I can walk through water, woods, sidewalks or anywhere and always have cool comfy feet.

Thanks for the kind words.

June Y.
Very comfortable flip flops

This is the second time I have purchased flopeds, I love them they are the most comfortable summer shoes ever, I can walk, run or do anything in them and they clean so easily.

Thank you for your feedback. Much Appreciated.

Susan P.
Excellent product!

I ordered the TAf 3 flip flops in Royal blue and am extremely pleased with their comfort and have purchased a number of these over the last few years! They last a long time and can be put in the washing machine. I would definitely recommend this style!
Sue - Portugal 2024

Thanks for you feedback, we do appreciate your comments.

Greg G.
My Favorite Shoes of All Time!

I am on my 4th or 5th pair of Flopeds in the last 6 years. They are basically the only footwear I use all day, every day, all year around (I live in southern Florida so I can get away with that due to the climate). Flopeds are the most supportive and comfortable shoe I’ve ever used. I used to buy them at a local mall, but the last time around, I purchased through their website. They were excellent to deal with and the shipping was very fast!

Thanks for your kind words.

Fayha A.
The best reward for your feet

So adorable, amazing thing.
It's very comfy, easy to clean , very high quality,adorable colors, it's as light as a feather . Perfect for flat feet , can wear them at home , at the pool , at the beach , at the mall . Never feel tired. Never have foot pain or hurt your heels. That's why I buy them all the time .

Thanks for your feedback.